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Palm Tree No.1 Crude -Most pleasant Moment in last 3years(2008-2010)

23:00, Nov.18th,2010, Palm tree finally debut its No.1 crude, which marked a successful intergration of Wynca&Momentive's wolrd-class upstream silicone coorperation.

14:24, Nov.24th,2010, One production cycle successfully finished, and shutdown safely.

16:00. Nov.24th,2010, big celebration party with JV members, contractors, hotel managers, ERP supporters,and other parters who have been contributing to the successful startup of the project joining the most exciting moment.

All over last 3years, nothing has been more pleasant than this new launch. That's really something that we felt happy about, because it's never been easy to put two great cultures togther with both eastern&western philosophy.

Like many other globle marriage, Palm Tree has been going through multi-culture shocks, deep technical digest&transition, tough vendor selections,and long-time quality evaluations, which not only gives innovative world-class growth opportunities, but also put an unprecedented challenges.

Three-year is not a short time for one project, but never long in one career.We started almost from scratch, with a multi-culture people including American Dr., Japanese chief, and Chinese leaders. We started making oversea investigation&training, tracing basic&deep designs, reviewing PHA analysis, bidding Machinary&Instruments, building up steel structure, following up the installation and commissioning, tracking Punch list, reviewing PSSR, and initiating trial start-up and to the final production. It's been hard but very rewarding. Every one involved was an expert in his or her business. We stayed togther, worked togther and enjoyed togher. Although some are very similar in personality, while others are very different, we really learnt a lot from each other.

Now, project stage is almost over, which marks the turning point of switching to full capacity production and expansion. It is going to be more challenging and exciting, while resources for production and expansion, and tail-end WWTP&EHS follow-up will be key of the keys. It's going to be great and it will be terrific. But what will exactly happen and how fast it will be expected. Let's see...


2010-11-27 Sat. Hangzhou, Jiande