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Intelligent Alarm Lock

When UNLOCK or LOCK the lock, a SMS message will send to your mobile phone
Intelligent remote anti-theft monitoring and management system
Smart Remote Burglarproof Monitoring and Management System
Smart Remote Security Monitoring and Management System
Realize the remote monitoring and burglarproof function through this smart lock.
The message of all the UNLOCK and LOCK operations or any unauthorized operation
such as being cut or being prized up, will send to the management system through
a special digital channel, and will send SMS message to the related person.
1. Using special key instead of traditional key, this key is not available in
common market, and can be custom designed to open a batch of related locks,
that’s to say, one key can open a batch of locks
2. The lock is antisepsis, waterproof, and dustproof, adapt to harsh environment
3. with auto feedback function, The lock will send message with time embedded to
the management when the lock is unlocked or been unauthorized unlocked such as
being cut or being prized up.
4. Built in Smart control device, take charge for the wireless transfer of the
data, one charge can reach one year’s of using.
Management system
1. Visual graphical user interface, aesthetic appearance, and easy to use
2. Proprietary digital channel, safe and reliable date transfer, 24hours
Monitoring system
3. Universal data transfer interface, sound and message alarm
4. Include updating street-level map
5. Freely add and edit lock under map model, intuitively and effectively manage
all information of the lock system.
6. Freely setting the recipient, message will automatically send to related
person in abnormal condition
7. with enquiry and search functions, custom search is available
8. Import and export date in Excel format, easy to archive
9. Can submit custom task, to achieve precise management
Service system
Investigation -> System Design -> System Implementation -> Customer Training ->
Tracking Service -> Project Acceptance
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